Monday, January 14, 2008

Some updates

It's been a long while since we last updated the blog.
We have been working on the physical aspect of building HANS (I'll upload some pictures
soon) . Working with hardware is always a nuisances. Bolts don't fit, wires break and hard wirings fail... And when you finally get it all hooked up you see that the voltage you get from the
power supply is either too low or too high :)

HANS has also decided to play some tricks on us and has developed a slight tendency to steer
to the right. We think we solved the problem by adjusting the weight balance and the height ratio of the rear wheels.

We have also been thinking about the software design.
I present to you the -close to final- design. I am aware that not all of it is in English,
but I guess not a lot of foreigners, non Hebrew speakers will follow the blog :)
If I am wrong just email one of us and ask...
A short description of each module can be found here

We have decided to work with the Player/Stage robot development environment instead of
Microsoft's Robotic Studio because it has been around for a longer time and it is considered
(for now) to have the largest active community of developers.

We have written a fly-by-wire Player client module for the robot and a simple robot driver for the Player server that can get movement commands and output sonar and compass readings.
Our next step will be to make a module that reads the compass,sonar, GPS and wheel encoders data and is able to localize the robot on the campus map... Wish us luck ;)

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